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We proudly present our breeding plans for spring 2023.

Aria is a very smart female which has great enthusiasm for tasks and dog-human activities. She’s not easily driven by emotions, thanks to which she can stay focused in trainings and in everyday life she is a calm and well-behaved dog. She is gentle towards people, children, dogs and other animals. In contact with strangers, she is very sociable but not intrusive. Like all our samoyeds, Aria is a dog that participates in our everyday life, which is full of adventures, challenges and various activities.

Orfeusz is a dog from the Polish kennel, Sesto Senso, with an interesting pedigree, in which we can find titled dogs from American, Hungarian and Estonian lines. He has a very strong and compact body with thick bones and beautiful, dense coat. His pretty head and sweet face will steal your
hearts! Orfeusz is a very balanced dog, certainly he isn’t the type of Samoyed that turns everything upside down and makes a fuss around himself. His emotional stability and self-confidence made him quickly become the leader of his pack. Like Aria, he is friendly and sociable, likes cuddling but is not intrusive. With children, he’s very patient and gentle. He doesn’t bark excessively. He’s not reactive, but he’s not a couch potato either. He takes pleasure in training and learning but sometimes prefers things his way. He enourmously enjoys contact with people, which is well reflected in trainings, during which verbal praises or having fun together are a great motivation for him.

In this litter we expect calmer and gentler puppies with balanced and sharp mind that will enjoy
various activities with people.



Our address: Głodowo, 62-590 Golina (Wielkopolskie Voivodship), Poland

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