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Po domowemu: Lexi, Lenia, Leniutek,

Płeć: suczka,

Data urodzenia: 01.01.2022


Matka: ARAURE OF XENON Shine and Smile

Badania:  –

Właściciel: Angelika Trzmielewska – Roszak

Hodowca: Angelika Trzmielewska – Roszak

Wzrost: 55 cm


The daughter of our emotionally-balanced and open-for-tasks Aria and an impressive, multi-titled Czech dog – Hardy – bred in Serbia in the famous and prestigious Aklaro kennel. In her pedigree you can find not only stunningly beautiful champions but also dogs which are not afraid of work and
sports. Lexi is a four paws live wire, the brightest star of the evening and a heartbreaker (she got it from her dad;)). She is an outstandingly agile, fast and strong samoyed which can jump enormously high and far. Thus, we believe that in future she may be good at sled sports and agility. When
training, snacks and toys are a big motivation for her. She is very eager on activities and often the very fact of spending time with a handler is a reward for her. However, she is not very submissive and tends to have her own ideas for an exercise and strives stubbornly to do things her way. Nothing can happen without her around, which is why she is usually exactly where the action takes place. Being raised among children, she loves their company. The enthusiasm, equality and care with which she can play with them is touching. She loves the whole world and all living creatures! Her unstoppable love happens to be overwhelming and there are moments when we dream of nothing else but running away from her. Some of our guests must ask for help when 20 kilograms tries to climb up and sit on their lap. Oh yeah, being the number one cuddler is undeniably Lexi’s life mission. She is the cuttest in our pack even if she is somewhat of a rebel. She likes to speak her mind when things don’t go her way, still she’s not an excessively barking dog. There is something about her that is hard to resist – perhaps it’s her lively character, cuddliness, her roguish smile or all these features create a heartwarming aura of friendliness and joy gaining her a great sympathy among both people and dogs. Lexi brought a lot of love and joy to our family, made a bit of a fuss and speeded up our lives. She is still very young and keep changing but what we can undoubtedly say about her now is that she is not the type of samoyed that will let you suffer from boredom.



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