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ARAURE OF XENON Shine and Smile

Home name: Aria, Arysia, Arula, Aruszka

Sex: female

Date od birth: 09/03/2019

Sire: XENON OF KENSHI The Glow Of The Snowy Star

Dam: UNIKA OF FURIO The Glow Of The Snowy Star

Health: HD:A, ED-0/0, eyes – OK+gonioscopy, heart clear

Owner: Angelika Trzmielewska – Roszak

Breeder: Angelika Trzmielewska – Roszak

Height: 55 cm


Aria is the apple of our eye. She is a daughter of dogs coming from a top Polish kennel. Her do-everything parents – UNIKA OF FURIO and XENON OF KENSHI The Glow Of he Snowy Star –  are unbelievably open for new challenges. In her pedigree you can find great ancestors from many European countries.

Choosing our next samoyed girl, of high importance was her enthusiasm for work. We have made the best choice ever! Aria loves working with people and learning new things. She is an obedient and quick learner with balanced mind.What we appreciate enormously about her is that she is not emotionally intense, which makes it easy or her to stay focused in trainings and in everyday life she is a calm and well-
behaved dog. Well -socialised, she feels good among people as well as other pets. In contacts with children, she is extremely gentle and caring. She graduated from puppy preschool bravely facing all the challenges and proving that samoyed is an intelligent beast that can be highly successful and effective in many kinds of activities. In free time, Aria enjoys nosework games.  She does her best in sports as she trains canicross and agility.

Anatomically, she is a middle-sized elegant female with perfect proportions and dark pigmentation. Her assests are coat that is stunning regardless of the season, beautiful head, strong muzzle, excellent proudly carried neck covered with a dense ruff and fabulously curved, perfectly set tail.




Our address: Głodowo, 62-590 Golina (Wielkopolskie Voivodship), Poland

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