UNIKA OF FURIO The Glow Of The Snowy Star

The Glow Of The Snowy Star

Home name: Vega, Vedżka, Vegusia, Vedżira, Veguna

Sex: female

Date of birth: 10.02.2015

Sire: Aklaro FAST & FURIOUS

Dam: INES WINKY The Glow Of The Snowy Star

Health: HD:A, ED-0/0, eyes: OK + gonioscopy, heart clear

Owner: Angelika Trzmielewska-Roszak

Breeder: Mirosława Nowak

Height: 53 cm

Working Class Certificate

PT (Pies Towarzysz) exam (basic obedience exam)


Coming from one of the top Polish kennels, she is a daughter of an impressive sire imported from Serbia – Aklaro Fast & Furious. In her pedigree you can find the genes of great ancestors from all over the world – including England, Australia, France and Scandinavia.

A wonderful family member with an incredibly cheerful and caring attitude. Positive girl with a big heart and friendliness towards children and all animals. Patient, affectionate, sociable. She loves contact with people, that is why not only does she accompany us in everyday activities, but also she is always with us while travelling or taking up sports challenges. She is always open to cooperation based on positive methods and our mutual joy. Although our sammy is very calm when at home, she turns into an energy volcano while playing outdoors. To meet the needs of her lively temperament, we practice running, which Vega really enjoys. Anatomically, she is a compact bitch with a strong body stucture, correct proportions, dark pigmentation, highly-set tail and a nice head. She has snow-white, dense and easy-to-care-for coat typical for a samoyed. 



E-mail: shineandsmile.samoyeds@gmail.com

Our address: Głodowo, 62-590 Golina (Wielkopolskie Voivodship), Poland

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